In today’s world, MUSICAL THEATER singers are expected to sing in a number of styles, from full belt to legit, folk to rock, and every type of mix in between. As a singing teacher, it is my duty to prepare students in all of these styles so they can be completely ready for any type of audition or performance. I use a variety of vocal exercises in my studio to help singers achieve the particular sound quality they need for each individual song they are singing, as different musical styles require some differences in technique. It is always my goal to teach these techniques in the healthiest possible way, while still remaining true to the individual style of music. The first step that all students must learn in my studio is the ability to mix registers. With this skill, they will be able to adjust as necessary to sing any style of musical theater music.

CLASSICAL singers must learn to project and resonate without the help of a microphone. While some basics, like breathing and support, will be the same for all of my students, my classical singers will be taught techniques that will allow them to be heard without amplification. Some topics we will work on in lessons are legato line, resonance, articulation, freedom from tensions, and consistency of tone from top to bottom.

All students will learn about correct posture and breathing for singing, how to release unnecessary tensions, improve musicianship skills, and become better performers through various acting exercises.

I have high expectations of the students in my private studio, and I have a number of prerequisites for students entering my studio to ensure that I am teaching singers who are serious and motivated. It is in students' best interest that they know how to read music, have basic piano skills, and have the ability to learn new repertoire on their own quickly and accurately. Students’ needs are best served in lessons when we can work on technique, style, musicianship, and presentation, and not have to focus on learning notes.

Each student I work with is treated as an individual, with his/her/their own specific needs. Some are visual learners, while some work better with detailed anatomical descriptions; some are very comfortable with expression and acting, and some are shyer. I work with each student in the way that best suits his/her/their learning style, and as a result, no two students’ lessons are alike. My studio is a very safe and trusting space, and I encourage students to take chances vocally and emotionally, without fear of making mistakes.